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Weeks 1 - 8:
Curriculum designed for students that have no to very little guitar experience

Beginner Lesson Plan


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Curriculum Lesson Plans For Beginners:

Week 1 - 8

Our Guitar Instructors, boasting decades of guitar teaching experience, have meticulously developed a custom and unique curriculum tailored specifically for entry to beginner guitar students with little to no prior experience. Leveraging their vast knowledge and expertise in the field, our instructors have designed a comprehensive program that seamlessly guides students through the fundamentals of guitar playing. This carefully crafted curriculum ensures that students not only acquire essential skills and techniques but also foster a genuine love and appreciation for the instrument, laying the groundwork for their continued growth and success in the world of music.

  • Introduction to the parts of the guitar and proper guitar maintenance

  • Learning the correct posture and hand positioning

  • Basic finger exercises for strength and dexterity

  • Introduction to guitar picks and strumming technique

Week 2: The Basics of Music Theory

  • Understanding musical notation, including staff, clefs, and time signatures

  • Introduction to note values and rhythms (whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes)

  • Identifying and playing the natural notes on the fretboard

  • Learning open chords: A, D, E, G, C, and Am, Em, Dm

  • Strumming techniques and patterns for basic 4/4 time

  • Practicing smooth transitions between chords

  • Introduction to simple songs using open chords

Week 4: More Open Chords and Fingerpicking

  • Learning additional open chords: F, Bm, B7, and more

  • Introduction to fingerpicking techniques and basic fingerstyle patterns

  • Practicing switching between chords while fingerpicking

  • Playing a simple fingerpicking song

Week 5: Basic Scales and Improvisation

  • Introduction to major and minor pentatonic scales

  • Practicing scale patterns across the fretboard

  • Understanding intervals and the root note

  • Basic improvisation using pentatonic scales

Week 6: Power Chords and Palm Muting

  • Learning power chords and their movable shapes

  • Introduction to palm muting and its use in various styles of music

  • Playing simple riffs and songs using power chords and palm muting

  • Incorporating power chords into improvisation

Week 7: Barre Chords and Rhythm Techniques

  • Introduction to barre chords and their shapes

  • Building strength and technique for clean barre chord execution

  • Expanding strumming patterns and syncopation

  • Playing songs that incorporate barre chords

Week 8: Capos and Alternate Tunings

  • Using a capo to change the key of a song

  • Introduction to popular alternate tunings, such as drop D, open G, and DADGAD

  • Playing songs in alternate tunings

  • Reviewing the concepts learned throughout the 8 weeks and discussing the next steps for advancing as a guitar player


Guitar Class Offerings:


Beginner Classes:


Our beginner classes are designed to introduce young musicians to the basics of guitar playing, including proper posture, finger placement, and simple chords.


Intermediate Classes:


As students progress, our intermediate classes focus on building technique, expanding repertoire, and exploring different genres and styles of music.


Advanced Classes:


For students looking to take their skills to the next level, our advanced classes offer in-depth instruction on advanced techniques, music theory, improvisation, and songwriting.


Group Lessons:


In addition to one-on-one lessons, we also offer group classes, where students can learn alongside their peers, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of community.


Acoustic & Electric



Our instructors are well-versed in both acoustic and electric guitar styles, allowing students to explore their musical interests and develop their skills across various genres.

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