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Weeks 1 - 8:
Curriculum designed for students that have several months/years of guitar experience

Intermediate Lesson Plan


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Curriculum Lesson Plans For Intermediate Students:

Week 1 - 8

This comprehensive 8-week intermediate guitar lesson plan is meticulously designed to build upon existing skills and knowledge while introducing new techniques, concepts, and styles. By following this curriculum, intermediate guitar students will see significant progress in their playing abilities and overall musicianship. Our expert instructors at Guitar Development ensure that each lesson is tailored to individual goals and interests, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. As students explore different genres, expand their improvisational skills, and delve deeper into music theory, they will gain a greater understanding of their unique musical voice. Additionally, by focusing on performance and composition, students will learn to effectively communicate their emotions and ideas through music, enhancing their confidence and creative expression on the guitar.

  • Introduction to barre chords and advanced open chords

  • Understanding chord inversions and voice leading

  • Practicing common chord progressions in different keys

Week 2: Intermediate Rhythm & Strumming Patterns

  • Developing advanced strumming techniques and patterns

  • Syncopation and rhythmic variations

  • Introduction to fingerpicking and fingerstyle techniques

  • Learning major and minor pentatonic scales

  • Introduction to the major and minor scale patterns

  • Practicing melodic patterns and licks within scales

Week 4: Improvisation & Soloing Techniques

  • Understanding the role of scales in improvisation

  • Introduction to phrasing, articulation, and dynamics

  • Developing the ability to improvise over chord progressions

Week 5: Advanced Techniques & Effects

  • Introduction to techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and bends

  • Learning about guitar effects and their usage

  • Integrating advanced techniques into playing and improvisation

Week 6: Intermediate Music Theory

  • Exploring diatonic harmony and chord construction

  • Learning about intervals and the circle of fifths

  • Understanding keys and key signatures

Week 7: Exploring Different Styles & Genres

  • Introduction to various guitar styles such as blues, jazz, rock, and fingerstyle

  • Learning about stylistic techniques and guitar tone

  • Analyzing popular songs and riffs within each genre

Week 8: Performance & Composition

  • Developing stage presence and performance techniques

  • Introduction to basic songwriting and composition

  • Creating a personal practice routine for continued growth and improvement


Guitar Class Offerings:


Beginner Classes:


Our beginner classes are designed to introduce young musicians to the basics of guitar playing, including proper posture, finger placement, and simple chords.


Intermediate Classes:


As students progress, our intermediate classes focus on building technique, expanding repertoire, and exploring different genres and styles of music.


Advanced Classes:


For students looking to take their skills to the next level, our advanced classes offer in-depth instruction on advanced techniques, music theory, improvisation, and songwriting.


Group Lessons:


In addition to one-on-one lessons, we also offer group classes, where students can learn alongside their peers, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of community.


Acoustic & Electric



Our instructors are well-versed in both acoustic and electric guitar styles, allowing students to explore their musical interests and develop their skills across various genres.

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