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Guitar Lesson Plans For Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Students


Curriculum Guide For Our Guitar Students



At Guitar Development, we begin by introducing Entry-Level guitar students to the fundamentals of the instrument, ensuring they establish a solid foundation for future growth. Our experienced instructors work closely with students to develop proper technique, basic music theory understanding, and a strong sense of rhythm. Through engaging, personalized lessons, we help students build their confidence and nurture a genuine love for playing the guitar.


We help INTERMEDIATE guitar students expand their skills and explore diverse musical styles by delving deeper into techniques, music theory, and repertoire. Our instructors customize lessons to address each student's unique goals and interests, focusing on building proficiency and versatility on the instrument. By providing constructive feedback and guidance, we support students in refining their playing and reaching new milestones in their guitar journey.

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We work with ADVANCED guitar students to hone their expertise and cultivate their distinct musical voice. Our instructors provide in-depth guidance on advanced techniques, improvisation, and complex music theory concepts, fostering mastery and creative expression. By offering personalized support and opportunities for collaboration and performance, we empower students to excel and make their mark in the world of music.

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Master the Guitar at Any Age: Guitar Development's Comprehensive Lesson Plans


At Guitar Development, we take pride in crafting exceptional and trusted curriculum lesson plans tailored to the unique needs of students across all age groups, whether they are children, teens, or adults. Our comprehensive lesson plans cater to beginners, intermediate, and advanced guitar players alike, ensuring that each individual's musical journey is supported and nurtured. With our experienced and dedicated Guitar Development Instructors by their side, students will see their guitar abilities soar to new heights as they unlock their full potential and passion for this captivating instrument.

Our carefully designed curriculum at Guitar Development not only focuses on the technical aspects of guitar playing but also fosters creativity, encourages self-expression, and instills a deep love for music in our students. By covering a wide range of topics, from essential music theory and versatile playing techniques to improvisation and stylistic exploration, we ensure a well-rounded and enriching learning experience that goes beyond the fretboard.


We understand the importance of individualized attention, and our Guitar Development Instructors take the time to understand each student's unique strengths, challenges, and goals. This personalized approach allows us to tailor the learning experience and create a supportive and engaging environment in which students can thrive. 


Whether a student is learning to play the guitar for personal enjoyment, seeking to join a band, or aspiring to become a professional musician, Guitar Development is committed to providing the highest quality instruction and guidance. Our experienced Instructors continually refine their teaching methods and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, ensuring that students receive the best possible education.

No matter the age or skill level, our ultimate goal is to empower students with the confidence, skills, and passion to excel in their guitar journey. With Guitar Development, students will not only develop their technical abilities but also form a lifelong connection to the world of music, creating a foundation for continued growth and success.


Companies Hire Us

Guitar Development is continually hired to play for major 5 star, high-end premier hotels, casinos, restaurants, weddings, and establishments both inside & outside of Arizona. Major organizations want the best music for their guest and so they choose Guitar Development for their guitar playing needs.


Venues That Hire Us To Play



Mountain Shadows

The Nash

Westin Kierland

The Phoenician

El Chorro



Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Wild Horse Pass Casino

Troon Golf Club

JW Marriott

Camelback Resort

Royal Palms Resort

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

McCormick Ranch

Bourbon Jack’s

Tom Ryan’s


Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino

Talking Stick Resort


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