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We offer online private guitar lessons via Zoom with a live Guitar Teacher


How To Prepare For Online Private Lessons

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Learning how to play the guitar is exhilarating. Seeing your progress as you advance gradually into complex music theory gives you more zeal and determination to master this music instrument. And while it’s desirable to attend in-person guitar lessons, we know that life can get in the way. That’s why taking online guitar lessons is a lifesaver for most people. Not only does it save you time and money, it allows you to choose your environment. Somewhere you’re more comfortable. However, while it's true that there's no equal substitute for in-person lessons, you need to be adequately prepared. This is not to say that you need a perfect setup to start your virtual lessons, but here are some tips that could come in handy.


Choose a Natural Space

Learning to play the guitar online must be done in a comfortable environment. As a rule of thumb, it should be the quietest and most distraction-free space at home. Ideally, it should be the space you use to practice in your free time, with all the necessary equipment ready.


Get Your Learning Resources Ready

The advent of the internet and video-calling technology has made it easier for you to connect with your instructors. However, it also means that you need more than just your guitar to learn. Here is some equipment that you'll need when preparing for an Online Guitar Lesson in Gilbert Arizona.


1. Guitar

First and foremost you will need to own a working guitar that you can use reliably each lesson. Make sure to make this purchase first. If you're using an acoustic or classical guitar, good for you! You don't need anything else. However, if you have an electric guitar, you'll need a working amplifier or audio interface so that your instructor can hear you play clearly. Additionally, if you know how to tune your guitar, make sure to do so before the lesson starts.  


2. A Music Stand

During a virtual lesson, you need to ensure that both your left and right hands are clearly visible for the instructor to see your holding technique and guide you. It is important that you set up your camera beforehand so that both hands and your guitar are all in frame. This insures that your instructor can see your picking technique, finger positioning, and any other nuisance important to proper technique. Your guitar teacher will have your music sheet visible on the Zoom video. However, some student choose to print out their music sheets and place it on the music stand.


3. Check Internet Connection

A slow internet connection will result in delays and buffering making the learning process frustrating. You can avoid this by speed testing to ensure that you have a solid live video call.


4. Microphones and Headphones

For a successful online guitar lesson, you not only need the best video but also the best audio equipment you can get, as communication between you and the instructor is crucial. However, you don't want a network of cables getting in your way, so quality Bluetooth headphones and microphones are highly recommended to ensure you can hear each other's playing accuracy.


5. Video-Chatting Software

Although any video-chatting software will do when it comes to online guitar lessons, most instructors prefer Zoom. Zoom is more convenient and accessible, as they are available on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Additionally, the Zoom platform supports screen sharing, meaning you and the instructor can share the same chords and music sheet.


If possible, you can use two camera devices, one to capture your image and one to help the instructor get an up-close look of your hands on the guitar, as long as one is muted.


Both you and your guitar instructor have a crucial role to play for an online lesson to be successful. You have to ensure that you stay focused and that the instructor can see everything that you're doing with your hands on the guitar. This will ensure that you get the same results you would from an in-person session.

Prepare For Your Lesson

About Our Teacher


Without live (real time) one-on-one support from an accomplished guitar teacher, learning the guitar can take you forever to master the skill. This is even more so if you decide to learn from self-proclaimed teachers who don’t have over a decade of experience nor the qualifications & credentials. That’s why we have invested in a high-level online & local guitar teacher in Gilbert Arizona, an expert who’ve been there, seen that, and done it; a top level teacher with a passion and vision for music, ready to inspire and teach the next generation of guitar players.

Because at the core of our heart, we believe that all it takes to master this craft is the right kind of one-on-one support with easy-to-follow step-by-step measurable instructions. And this can only be made possible by an expert Guitar Teacher who have spent over a decade with guitars in their hands, playing, teaching, performing, and sharing their passion for music.

We have handpicked only the best teacher from with the highest qualifications, and their world-class expertise, experience, and interpersonal skills guarantee you great pleasure in learning from the best.


What Makes Us Different Than Other Guitar Schools?


Worked With World Renowned Artists

Having worked alongside Grammy Award Winners, chart-topping musicians, and even acclaimed studio engineers, you can rest assured that you’ll be joining a team of music teachers ready to transform you into a sensational guitar player.

Record For World Renowned Music School

Guitar Development is in partnership with some of the greatest music schools across the world, including the CRAS - Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. We’ll usher you into a whole new world of endless musical possibilities even before you know it. 

Top Music Skills

Currently musical director for a local corporate group known as ZGF. Our guitar instructors and tutors all have real-world experience and understand the field inside out. They’ve worked with some of the best music schools in the world and would be happy to see you become better than them.

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Why Choose Us?



The availability of a teacher is critical for getting the best private guitar lessons possible. At Guitar Development, we do everything to ensure our services are accessible worldwide. For students around Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona, our guitar instructors are more than willing to drive up to your home and teach you. For those in other parts of the U.S. and abroad, there are online, virtual, Zoom lessons available


Learning how to play the guitar is a mix of studying and practicing. For this reason, our online guitar instructors in Gilbert Arizona are experts with decades of experience and musical prowess extending beyond playing the guitar. They’re here for one purpose and one only; to share their wealth of experience and skills with you.



As one of the best private guitar studios in Gilbert Arizona, we are an open book. We don't withhold our rates or any lesson information, as we have an established curriculum that all students have access to.



The true value of quality is measured from the experience of other users. And after providing guitar lessons in Arizona to successful guitar players over the years, we have gained top-rated status on our google page, a clear indication of our commitment to excellence to every student who use our services. If you’re looking to learn the guitar and become an expert, we’re your only hope. Join our roster of happy clients.

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